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Payroll Giovanni: Authentically Raw, In His Own Words

Payroll Giovanni has returned with his newest release, “Have Money, Have Heart,” distributed through his BYLUG label in collaboration with Empire.

This time around, Payroll is delivering something unprecedented to his fans—an EP that offers a glimpse into his rawest essence. “For years, between albums, I would engage in studio sessions that I called ‘sparring’ or ‘working out,’ where I just rapped until the end of the beat without hooks, without overthinking. I rarely released any of those songs, but these latest ones I decided to compile into an EP,” Payroll explains.

I recently had a conversation with Payroll, diving into his latest album, life, and most importantly, delving into who Payroll truly is, in his unfiltered and authentic voice.

What is the next level of success you would like to see in your rap career? 

After you make a song who is the first person you send it to?

How do fans react when they see you in public? 

When do you see yourself retiring from rap? 

Tell me about a time when you felt you had no way out? 

Who are the 5 people you talk to the most in your life?

What’s your favorite Payroll Giovanni record?

What’s your least favorite Payroll Giovanni record? 

Where’s your favorite spot to eat in Detroit? 

What’s your favorite non-Rap Album?

What’s your favorite Rap album from the 90’s?

What’s your favorite Detroit rap album?

Who’s the most respected artist from Detroit?

Tell me about your biggest missed opportunity?

Name an underground Detroit artist people wouldn’t think you listen to

How does your son deal with the fame? 

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  1. tb tb

    Great interview but the audio for the question “Tell me about a time when you felt you had no way out?” is messed up. Its the audio of the whole interview

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