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A Decades-Long Connection: HBK and Payroll Giovanni Drop ‘Kid n Pay’

Payroll Giovanni & HBK

HBK and Payroll Giovanni have joined forces to create “Kid n Pay”, a brilliantly conceived concept album, drawing loose inspiration from the dynamic duo, “Kid n Play” and the iconic movie House Party.

The bond that HBK and Payroll share is indisputable. It goes far beyond the surface of mere collaboration; it is a profound connection, marked by an unwavering sense of admiration and mutual respect that withstands the test of time. “We came up together. We’ve been rapping since high school. I got my first record deal with him. It’s important to me to bring it full circle. I feel HBK deserves to be in a position to win, he’s one of the most influential rappers from Detroit… HBK is a superstar. I just want to see him get his just do and get that right light on him”, Payroll stresses.

When asked about Friday’s release, Payroll says, “This album has been in the works for years. The creative brilliance is all HBK’s idea. The only thing holding us back was our schedules. I’m excited for the fans to hear it. It’s a solid body of work”.

The chemistry between HBK and Payroll is undeniable, and it’s showcased brilliantly in their lead single, “Black & Platinums.” This track is a nostalgic time machine that transports every Detroiter back to an era that resonates with all of us—the era of the Street Lordz.

Payroll’s performance is nothing short of excellence, fine wine. He exudes confidence, sporting Cartier glasses and bossing up in a way that instantly brings to mind your favorite Street Lordz member. It’s a throwback to those iconic days.

HBK’s delivery is like firing an AK out of a car window; it’s a symphony of destruction, unrelenting. The firestorm of boysterous lyrics and cadence take me back to the “Rollies Don’t Tick Tock” era.

In essence, “Black & Platinums” isn’t just a song; it’s a vivid and captivating journey through time, a homage to a bygone Detroit era, all delivered through the undeniable chemistry of HBK and Payroll.

We are witnessing a new generation using Detroit’s blueprint; the crown is essentially passed, and the respect is clear.

I was curious to know from HBK what stood out as the best moments in making the album, and he replied, “Anytime I’m in the studio with Payroll it’s a moment you can’t forget. Our chemistry is on a high level. We just be joking around and end up putting together a banger,”

True to Detroit’s vibrant musical tradition, “Kid n Pay” shines a spotlight on some of the city’s most remarkable talents. The album boasts an impressive lineup of featured artists, including Dej Loaf, Tim Lawrence, Lanna, ZhanéSky and Haile’ showcasing the best the city has to offer.

“We got some cold producers on here –shout-out to my man K-Money. He produced a nice chunk of this album. He comes with that old classic Detroit sound that I can’t really find that anywhere else,” explains a confident Payroll.

Distinguished producers also lending their genius to this album include Helluva, Lee Choppn, Cardo, AK, Cold Cash Black, and the multi-talented Payroll himself. The engineering of this project was handled by White Mike, one of those quiet legends you may not be famillar with. It’s worth noting that this album is an independent release brought to you through Payroll’s imprint, BYLUG Entertainment, in collaboration with EMPIRE Records, with a release date of Friday, September 29, 2023.

Kid n Pay Album Cover

Kid N Pay” is a powerful throwback to the golden era of Detroit. In the words of HBK, “You can hear the old HBK, but I’m a little more polished.”

For those seeking a journey into Detroit’s nostalgia, your search ends here. “Kid n Pay” stands tall as a forthcoming release that promises to rekindle the missing magic of Doughboyz Cashout.

“Kid N Pay” is shaping up to be another monumental release for the city of Detroit and potentially worldwide. Witnessing the growth of Payroll and HBK is like putting a magnifying glass over your youth, embracing the trials, applauding the triumphs, and celebrating the extraordinary journey that has unfolded before us.

This album serves as a testament to the transformative power of whispered prayers and divine intervention. In all honesty, the unforgiving streets of Detroit could have easily swallowed Payroll and HBK whole, leaving behind tales of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Yet, here we are, bearing witness to their unyielding resilience and refusal to succumb to the shadows of “what ifs” and “could have beens.”

Yes, we can all see the addictions to jewelry, cars and success, but what you don’t read about anymore is far more important, something that is violent, leaves children without fathers, speaks long sentences and tears family apart, these tales are often splattered across the front page of the Detroit Free Press or even worse the Department of Justice website. The journey of personal growth we’ve observed in Payroll and HBK, both as artists and as grown men is the true essence that defines this remarkable story.

You can catch Payroll Giovanni HBK and the Doughboyz Cashout crew on the Stack Season Tour, October 6 in Columbus, Ohio.

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